How to get out of the illusions of some Selection

Companies and find work.

Also according to the ISFOL report, the first 4 channels of entry to work (for a total of 73.4%) are the following:

Input channel to work Percentage
Friends, relatives, or acquaintances 33.1
Auto candidacies 20.4
Public contests 10,0
Contacts within the company 9.9

Except for public contests which have a very different logic, the Direct Interview Method has been designed to successfully access these effective channels to find work. Let’s see how:

Selection Process : Meaning and 8 Steps of Selection Process

  • Friends, relatives, or acquaintances (33.1% admission to work).

They love you so much and they spend their free time with you but they probably can’t tell if you are really good at your job and can give results. Many will tell you that they “take care of it” but then they won’t insist with their boss to get you hired.

This is not a good time for them to guarantee someone who then turns out to be below expectations (and with whom they could even argue in embarrassment).

The Direct Interview Method allows you to demonstrate that you really are the best choice to make first to your friends and then to their superiors. So you find work while maintaining the friendship of those who will introduce you (and with a great desire to do so) to your new employer.

  • Self applications (20.4% admission to work).

Companies are bombarded with standard Curriculum Vitae so much that they now delete them without even looking at them. Even when they read some of them, the staff does not have the competence or the patience to understand if behind those two pages there is a real talent or someone who passes himself off as such. Even if you’re smart, you won’t get the attention you deserve.

Here the Direct Interview Method gives its best. The alternative form of communication to the old and now useless Curriculum Vitae, allows you to capture the attention of your employer in a few seconds by recognizing your credibility and competence.

No other tool is as effective (see what people who use it think)

  • Contacts within the company (9.9% of entry to work).

You have always been told that if you need to contact a company, it is better to go to Human Resources. This is partly true if it weren’t for the fact that they often decide who they should hire.

The Direct Interview Method allows you to address the person who has both the power to hire you and the personal competence and convenience to do so. The method will follow you step by step in your activity.