Do you want my attention to get you hired? Tell me about me!

Before your mind starts to think it’s too good to be true, this person inserts elements that prove their credibility. The evidence is so clear that you have no room for doubt.

You can no longer take your attention away from those pages, you are at the mercy of its contents. And here comes the coup de grace.

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The sender of the letter starts telling you about those accolades you want. It is doing it subtly and indirectly but enough to ignite the fire of your ambition. This thing has a strong effect on you because you understand that you will finally have the time and the time to take care of what is most important to you: your career.

You look back on the letter you greedily drank as if it were a delicious drink while under the heat of a tropical beach. You lie back in the chair and begin to imagine what this person could accomplish for you. For you, for you not only for the company you work for but FOR YOU.

Usually, when you receive job applications, they are represented by a discounted Curriculum Vitae and standard two-page cover letter that self-celebrates the person who wrote it. His studies, blah, blah, his skills, blah, blah, the roles held, blah, blah, blah… how boring! You often throw those documents away without reading them.

Instead, this letter is about you so you absorbed it despite not having the time as you are expected in the usual meeting where new problems and few solutions will be highlighted.

What person is this? She has hardly described anything about herself but you have a mad desire to meet her. A person, a possible new collaborator able through his work, to solve your problems and get you the things you aspire to.

Suddenly you are worried that such a competent person won’t have a big problem finding another job. Perhaps it has already turned to another company, perhaps a competitor. You may miss this opportunity and you are afraid, afraid of losing what you just tasted in your mind.

Again the sender of the letter anticipates your need and leads you to the one thing that can give you relief right now: schedule a job interview.

The letter you received that turned your day upside down was not written by a professional writer or psychologist or business organization expert but from someone who has learned to recognize and communicate their value through the Direct Interview Method.

Now go back to your role as a job seeker. Are you still thinking about sending your “perfect Curriculum Vitae and cover letter” or do you want to take a big advantage by using something more effective?

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