Find out how to get recommended legitimately and morally, adopting a professional and very effective method.

The practice of recommendation is a system that works well in Italy and that involves any person of all kinds and levels. Obvious signs of the intensive use of the recommendation in our country are lost over time, which makes its ability to be immune to any political regime, historical period, and economic and cultural level evident.

Demonstrating to someone how useful you can allow you to be taken into account and your potential employer, to relieve himself of part of the selection costs.

raccomandazione trovare lavoro

Several companies have realized the value of this practice, so much so that if the recruitment is finalized, they even go so far as to give a prize to those who report because, in any case, those who recommend someone else guarantee it.

Only numbers count.

According to the ISFOL report “How do you find work in Italy”, employment centers help 3.4% of people to find work, while administration agencies and personnel search and selection companies arrive at 3.3%.

These figures pale in comparison to 30.7% of people who find work through recommendations by those who find an interest in giving a “push” to those looking for a new job.

Focusing your attention on those who can help you recognize your actual skills and experience, allows you to obtain results over 9 times higher than applying through the ads of job, the standard Curriculum Vitae, and the Selection Companies.

It works, absolutely. In the last year, the only interviews I have done were thanks to acquaintances, ex-colleagues, and friends who – knowing my characteristics – have RECOMMENDED me to business owners. It is an absolutely ethical recommendation and that nothing to do with exchanges of favors, politics, and so on. We add that those over 40 are considered obsolete by recruiters and selection SW … all that remains is Direct Interview and Recommendations!

Everyone can be recommended.

Many think that you can only get a recommendation if you are a “child or relative of” or “friend of” an influential and high-ranking person, so without this requirement, you will never be able to find a job or a career.

Others, on the other hand, think that the recommendation is given only following payment in cash or other types of compensation, so if you do not have the “right money” you cannot receive this important contribution. Both of these beliefs are incorrect.

Getting the recommendation needed to assert your merits is a scientific process, almost an art.

Although the act of giving the recommendation is almost always the same, the method that leads an influential person to recommend you instead of someone else is divided into very different activities according to the situation.

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The type of person to turn to, the scope of application, the moment but above all your level of competence and professionalism towards the desired job position, completely change how you ask for and obtain the recommendation.

The steps of the recommendation.

Everything is based on a very precise method which consists of different elements, strategies, and activities which I summarize below:

What are you able to offer?

First of all, you need to understand what you can actually do for the company for which you want to ask for a recommendation. Here you have to be very practical and concrete, remember that the person who will go to recommend you will take responsibility for the results (or the damage) that you bring so she must be convinced of you.

Identification of the recommender.

How many times has she asked for a recommendation and then got nothing? Before asking for a recommendation you need to be sure that this person has both the power and the convenience to help you.

Direct Interview.

Communicating effectively with this person is the most important thing. Therefore avoid any sending of Curriculum Vitae, courtesy phone calls, or messages anticipating your request.

Immediately go straight to the point with a document with which your interlocutor can actually understand the advantage of reporting your application.

Only after proving your credibility, can you possibly organize a personal meeting where you can complete your presentation and propose the next steps to obtain an effective recommendation.

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