Use the best method.

There are 3 different ways to apply:

    1. The standard curriculum vitae.
    2. The presentation by a person within the company.
    3. The direct interview letter.

The standard curriculum vitae is now an outdated method of applying for job vacancies. For some time the same recruiters have been urging to abandon this tool given the damage they can cause to the companies that receive them.

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Submission is a very common practice in Italy to find work right away. However, this implies that you already know important people in the company or that you know how to find allies who can help you.

The letter of the direct interview is the method that was used by the most well-known Italian in the world when he asked himself the question of how to find work quickly and efficiently. It is not easy to set up and for this very reason, it is highly appreciated by hiring companies as it shows that the candidate is particularly interested in their job offers.

Ask yourself the right questions.

To avoid burning the interesting job offers you find around, you need to be self-critical of yourself before applying. Asking the right questions is the best way to avoid discovering the real reason why you missed great opportunities in the past due to simple carelessness.

Take precautions.

If you already work, you have to be very careful how you apply as often those who receive your proposal do not have a system capable of guaranteeing its confidentiality, making you lose your current occupation in the worst case.

Avoid dangers.

Even if your “job goal” is very strong, you absolutely must avoid running into the most common dangers that lurk behind the job hunting activity.

One of the most common is the consumption of free time necessary to chase (sometimes uselessly) job offers, a phenomenon that if not controlled can lead to very strong states of unease and frustration.

Relying on people who do not have the right professionalism and competence to evaluate you is another danger that you must pay close attention to as it can lead you to a whole series of material and psychological consequences that you would gladly do without.

Even if you are almost on the home straight to find work, another danger is the downside game of companies trying to take advantage of your situation to reduce the pay you deserve.

Overcoming discrimination.

It is useless to go around it: in Italy, many companies discriminate based on age. To avoid being discarded for your (too much) experience, you need to adopt a completely different way to introduce yourself.

React if you are not immediately successful.

Finding work immediately could be more difficult than expected if you operate in particular conditions for which it is necessary to foresee some countermeasure to react to the frustration if the times are longer than expected.

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