How do computer scientists find work?

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Of course, the days when computer scientists were looked upon with respect and veneration as “experts” in that subject that really nobody understood anything about yet, now is becoming worrying.

Then you understand that it’s time to change jobs and start looking. You use the usual simplified procedure that everyone uses: you prepare your Curriculum Vitae and standard cover letter with your skills and you start responding to all the ads you find.

Despite what some Recruiting Companies claim, the results are increasingly poor. As you see an increasingly digital world that you have helped to create, for some absurd reason ICT job opportunities plummet in value.

One day you discover with horror the offer of a company that deals with Nearshoring ICT or provides expert Italian ICT resources at prices even lower than those of Indian companies or Eastern countries. Do two maths and you know you’re screwed.

By now you are worried that to save your company decide to scrape your professionalism without taking into account the difficulties involved in replacing you.

To ask for a fair adjustment of your salary and career no longer seems the case and as you find fewer and fewer new job opportunities around, a general frustration takes hold of you.

You have an amazing tool that no one has ever taught you to use to find a new job. This tool is the effect that technology has on the ambitions and concerns of business managers.

How you can take advantage of this resource using a different procedure.

    • Determine which ICT activities and projects you have carried out in the past have brought concrete benefits.
    • Find several interesting companies to replicate these benefits on.
    • Identify which of their managers may be interested in these results.
    • Establish a Direct Talk with these people by describing the benefits you can bring and demonstrating your credibility.

I’ll give you an example.

You have carried out many projects but one, in particular, has brought a significant increase in turnover to the company. Once you have documented the matter well with lots of numbers and facts, you can formulate everything through a letter according to the Direct Interview Method to be sent to the Commercial Director of a company you want to apply for.

This person, after realizing that he has the possibility to increase his performance bonuses, will contact the Human Resources Manager or the General Manager to “recommend” a potential resource needed by the company (which coincidentally coincides with his interests).

What are the advantages you can get by changing the procedure?

    • Your past will become a renewable resource over time and not a burden.
    • You’ll pass the long lines of everyone looking for a job with ads.
    • You will find a new job in a company that effectively and quickly needs your experience.

All of this will make you love again an extraordinary profession to be proud of that allows the world to improve every day.

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