Cover letter: how to get the reaction right away?

How to Write a Compelling Cover Letter for a Job | Money


You are still in the moment when your interlocutor is deciding whether to continue reading your cover letter or not. Elements such as your personal references, studies, or age must have no place in this small time frame, they do not distinguish you from the others.

Instead, mention the job function that best qualifies you, the companies in which you have worked (especially if they are more important or competitors to the one you are addressing) to immediately obtain the credibility necessary to move forward.


You have captured the first few seconds of your interlocutor’s interest but now you have to extend his availability to the minutes that will be needed to read the remaining text. All people have problems to solve and need to satisfy, and you must leverage these in your cover letter to get their full attention.


Making a list of the things you can do or the companies you worked for will make the flame you just light go out. Your cover letter must now set the flame on fire by exploiting the communication technique used for centuries to chain the attention of millions of people: the story.

Tell how you have achieved in the past the same results you are offering to your interlocutor to stimulate his emotional thinking and make him identify with a situation in which you collaborate with this person to make him obtain whatever you want.


After your cover letter has hit and inflamed the emotional part of your interlocutor’s mind, you need to get hold of his rational thinking by summarizing the benefits he can get by simply inviting you to the interview and the disadvantages of not doing it.

Some people make decisions instinctively and some people do it just out of logic and you need to make sure your cover letter works either way.


You don’t have to wait for the comfort of your interlocutor. Push him to action, guide his hand, and get him to contact you as soon as possible by entering your preferences and reminding him how important it is to use them.


The people who will appreciate your cover letter the most and allow you to move forward in the selection process are the ones who have the most to gain from your future partnership.

So focus directly on the entrepreneurs or managers of the company, leaving the Selection Companies as the last as they have a very different evaluation process where often the cover letter is automatically ignored.

In summary…

What I have indicated to you are some of the elements of a particular cover letter composed through the Direct Interview Method precisely for its ability to create dialogue directly with your employer.

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