How to select personnel recruiters?

Those who follow the second (and more common) form of evaluation consider who has to evaluate their applications, as people:

    • Arrogant
    • Superficial
    • Incompetent
    • Insensitive

The event that triggers this feeling usually arises when the person realizes that their job application has been rejected for discriminatory reasons such as age or (much more irritating event) when they don’t get a response or update on the status of the selection.

As in most jobs (none excluded) there are very professional and competent recruiters who are truly able to identify the best candidate and at the same time maintain a great relationship with everyone else, while there are others who do not they are equally.

Some recruiters even go so far as to publish non-existent job advertisements to maintain a facade of professionalism and competence that they often do not deserve.

Below I describe some aspects that can make you understand the differences between the professional staff recruiter and those who have difficulty in being one (unfortunately the latter are in greater number) thus avoiding wasting your time on something that will never give you results.

The three considerations to understand if the recruiter is a professional or a time-waster.

Clear and complete proposals.

Those involved in selection often have to participate in the drafting of the job offer to be published on specialized sites. An offer that is too concise and generalist causes candidates to tend to send their application even if there are small differences or shortcomings. All this causes a wave of applications that are very difficult to manage effectively.

The professional avoid the problem at the origin by presenting a job offer in a very detailed and complete way so that less prepared candidates understand that it is not appropriate to present themselves, leaving space for those who are much more.

A job offer of 100 words where all the elements that indicate what you are looking for are not shown, must make you doubt that you are wasting your time.

Use of various tools.

The standard Curriculum Vitae is a document drawn up to describe a person’s personal, school, and work situation. Unfortunately, due to its generalist nature that wants it as the tool to be used in all occasions regardless of the type of candidate sought, this tool is too superficial.

The professional recruiter also accepts proposals that are expressed through very different formats and tools, with the willingness to evaluate even complex documents if the candidate has a long experience. Some recruiters who do not fully understand the value of their role reject any application that engages them excessively.

If you have a lot to tell and you see that the recruiter refers to length limits or imposes formats like the European one, avoid adapting your application to these limits: there is not much hope of being evaluated correctly.


The final result of a good selection is something that can be the best combination of the needs of the client company and those of the candidate. This is only possible if you know what the real values ​​of the profession you are looking for are.

Discarding a candidate from the first moment by adopting parameters that have nothing to do with the business of the client company is not a good way to select personnel. The best-recruiting companies adopt a model where their recruiters only need to specialize in a particular type of profession to be evaluated.

If you see that the same recruiter always appears in the face of different ads for different types of professionals, imagine the worst and proceed further.

What can you do when you understand that you are not dealing with professionals.

As I described in a previous article, your mind records each failed attempt and presents you with the bill when you exceed a certain number.

As soon as you suspect that the recipient of your application is not able to understand your true value, you must contact the final company directly using a method that allows you to be evaluated correctly (particularly if you have collected a certain maturity professional) and don’t run the risk of losing faith in yourself if you aren’t contacted.

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