Job interview: the queue for the last ferry

Looking away, you notice that the queue to your right also flows faster than yours. It leads to another access door where there is a sign indicating “door reserved for people who are 10 years younger than you”.

This time you’re hit deeper. How is it possible that people who have a professional maturity so inferior to yours are preferred? Did it take you so long to prepare and consolidate your experiences because the person checking the CVs is letting such inexperienced people through and slowing down the more experienced people?

You’re still offended by this when you notice that the number of seats available to access the ferry that will take you to the job interview has dropped a lot!

While trying to hide your worries from your family, you make another discovery: there is a group of people sitting quietly in a sitting room next to the queues laughing at each other looking at the people in the queue.

Everyone is about your age and some are even older and strangely none of them have the standard Curriculum Vitae to submit. How can they be so calm? As you look at them with great curiosity, you notice a hostess who calls one of these people by name and accompanies him to the ferry, skipping the Selection Company.

You want to see clearly and notice that next to the sitting room there is a sign indicating “Space reserved for people who have direct contact with the company”. The hostesses arrive in large numbers and each of these is dedicated to one person until the whole group has reached the ferry.

You understand then why these people showed no concern about the number of places available: they knew that in the end there is always a place for them!

But… speaking of seats… You turn to look at the electronic sign and you realize with horror that the number of seats available has reached zero! You’re screwed!

The ferry that would take you to take the job interview you wanted so much will leave without you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You swallow the bite and with an enormous effort, you tell your family (without much conviction) that next time it will be better.

Although you may have a perfect Curriculum Vitae, when you apply for a new job it happens:

    • Do not arrive at the job interview as the number of applications is too high.
    • Being overtaken by people younger than you.
    • Discovering that there are people who use far more effective ways to get noticed.

To solve this situation, you can do one of three things:

    1. Rejuvenate.
    2. Really rejuvenate.
    3. Get in direct contact with the company.

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