opportunità di lavoroIf you want to increase your job opportunities (especially if you are over a certain age) you need to specialize.

There are two aspects that you absolutely must take into consideration when deciding the area to focus on when looking for a new job:

    • Type of business.
    • Type of company.

Type of business.

Handymen have long gone out of fashion. They don’t even find space on Sunday talk shows, so they imagine in the world of work. Today, to get out of the anonymity of the mass of those who offer themselves, you need to know how to do at least one thing better than anyone else.

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is something that, besides you, few people know or want to do and that it coincides with some problem or ambition of your new employer. Search your past for any activity that has given good results, retrieve the details, and try to understand which type of activity can be best accepted.

I’ll give you an example. You have worked for a long time in the condominium administration field and have had the opportunity to acquire skills in the management of properties that most banks or large-scale retail companies would pay in gold.

Unless you enjoy condominium meetings so much, what kind of business would you focus on to increase the number of your job opportunities?

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Type of company.

When choosing the sector of activity to focus on, you have to be sure that it is something commonly requested but where the quality level of your “competitors” is not satisfactory. In practice, an area where there is a lot of demand but the offer is not up to the situation.

I’ll give you an example. You are a decent mechanic and you know how to work (like everyone else) on almost any type of car. In the past, you happened to intervene in old cars that obviously have problems and needs that are very different from current cars.

You had to encounter many problems but by studying and applying yourself you were able to solve them all despite not being able to take advantage of the modern tools that technology provides since ancient cars are not very common.

For a mechanic with much less patience and commitment than you, the intervention would have been unsuccessful. Precisely for this reason, people who own an antique car and want a good result are forced to turn to a few qualified workshops. It goes without saying that these types of companies are always full of work.

You’re looking for a new mechanic job. Where do you go to? To the ultra general workshops or do you contact the super-specialized ones in antique cars? Surely the super-specialized workshops are less than 1% of the total, but if you can show that you are particularly good at this type of car, your chances of finding work skyrocket.

In summary.

As you prepare your collaboration proposal, you must therefore take into account the type of business and type of company you have chosen to be the best choice your future employer will ever make.

Contrary to what some companies say that prefer you not to find work independently, reducing the scope of your search allows you to make the most of your experience without having to clash with the crowd of those who are willing to “do everything”.

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