Moment 1: How to apply.

Since no job offers have been published yet, you must be the one to spontaneously propose yourself to those companies that may be potentially interested.

Your proposal must be addressed to people who hold important positions within the organization and who can see you as the solution to their needs.

Unfortunately, these people do not have the experience and availability to evaluate a resume so it is necessary to prepare a very different communication capable of highlighting your ability to give results in a short time and your professional credibility.

A very complete letter based on the Direct Interview Method is generally used.

Moment 2: The discrete offer.

If the system of knowledge and presentations within the company has not brought results, the research is entrusted to those in charge of human resources. The most organized companies have their own dedicated web portals or cut out on the institutional site in the “work with us” area, while the others use the job portals of specialized operators.

Time is of the essence here as these companies are not organized to handle high volumes of applications.

How you should apply.

Towards the human resources office. Adapt your resume to the needs expressed in the job advertisement and send it according to the instructions.

Towards all other professionals. Although the research is currently being passed on to those involved in human resources, the final decisions are always made by the people who have expressed the need for new collaborators. You must then send your application according to the Direct Interview Method to the head of the office/function to which the new employee will refer.

Example: for an accountant, he will be the head of the administrative department, for a warehouse worker he will be the logistics manager, for a salesman he will be the sales manager, etc.

In case you want to take advantage of this moment, I suggest you use the Channel “Direct Job Ads” which shows the job offers taken directly from companies and published within 60 minutes of their availability.

Moment 3: The chaos.

After some time that the offer has been published on the portal of the company seeking personnel, it is also noticed by some companies that deal with recruiting or posting job advertisements.

Although these companies have not received any mandates, some of them take care to copy the ad by removing the company name and republishing it in the hope of acquiring new customers, resumes, and traffic on their portals.

The effect is chaotic and uncontrollable as the offer is acquired by job search engines, their partners, newsletter services … with the result that the offer is viewed by thousands of people and your application is scattered together with those of the others.

How you should apply.

Adapt your standard resume to the needs expressed in the job posting, taking care to use the right formats and keywords to prevent the software of these companies from rejecting your document, evaluating it as unsuitable.

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