Discover the secrets they will never reveal to you about this ineffective way of proposing.

The standard Curriculum Vitae is the tool that Recruitment Companies have always requested and on which you are forced to pour commitment in its management and burn hopes for your future. Until a few years ago it was the only way to introduce yourself but things have changed a lot and it’s time for you to know the truth.

You can only use it for 7% of job opportunities.

According to a study by ISFOL Institute for the development of professional training for workers, only 7% of job opportunities are reached through recruitment companies, administration agencies, and other research organizations and selection who are the main users of this format.

The CV to find work, to date, is an insufficient tool that risks creating barriers to entry based on prejudices such as degree grade, university of origin, age … These are parameters that do not always correspond to the actual contribution that a resource can bring.

It is used to kill you, not to hire you.

With so many CVs coming in, some recruiters are forced more to eliminate anything that doesn’t seem right than to pick the best candidate.

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For this reason, look for problems of any kind (layout, spelling errors, a sequence of information) or apply any discriminatory element such as age or (too much) work experience, distance from the workplace, educational qualification, etc.) to quickly discard you to reduce his workload.

Makes you like everyone else.

Curriculum Vitae is only a document that serves to define the identity of the person. It was not designed to express in detail the concrete advantages that can be given to the employer. This puts you in the position of not being able to distinguish yourself for your actual value.

It’s hard to understand.

To stay in the little space available, in the standard Curriculum Vitae you are forced to compress all the information in such a way that interpretation is possible only by specialized personnel who are not always available in small/medium-sized represent 95% of Italian companies).

The information is also difficult to verify (how to understand if that technical competence is really present or if that job was obtained by merit or by recommendation?)

The “fakes” count.

Given that the standard Curriculum Vitae is only a superficial representation of professional life, candidates often enter “exaggerated” data (degrees, job titles, technical skills) relying on the inability of the recruiter to carry out checks at the time of the initial screening.

All this causes the elimination of less “important” candidates (despite being “real”).

Use incomprehensible definitions.

The titles of the professions have become incomprehensible. For example, once to describe the professional figure of a seller, the word “salesman” was used.

Today the terms for the same function have become numerous and often incomprehensible (eg Sales manager, Key account manager, Business Development, Technical Sales, Sales account manager, Inside sales, Market sales manager, Sales Territory Account).

Human resources are forced to define the title of a profession. It is a pity that for each company the same profession is understood in a completely different way and this generates confusion between those offering and those seeking work.

All of this leads you to focus on positions where your experience isn’t meaningful and ignore opportunities you are truly capable of.

You are under the illusion that finding work is easy.

With the complicity of web portals, sending a standard Curriculum Vitae is a joke. You just need a click and it is sent so you are under the illusion that the search will depend only on the number of attempts (“sooner or later someone will answer!”).

The problem arises after submitting hundreds of applications using the same standard Curriculum Vitae you only get few responses (when they arrive).

This will cause you to slip into the (wrong) belief that you are not qualified enough or that there are no companies hiring or other reasons that lead to frustration and subsequent abandonment of research (if not depression).

The synthesis of the speech…

Now that you know the limits and dangers of using the standard Curriculum Vitae, you need to decide whether you want to entrust your future career to this improvised method or switch to a more effective tool.

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